Friday, July 4, 2008

Immediate Success!

I have been attempting for over a week now to obtain an interview with the noted Evil Tiny Kitty, Malegatto Alter. I succeeded in doing so, I embarked on my SteamSparrow from the comforting depth (no pun intended) of New Babbage, and towards Caledon!
Upon arriving in Caledon, I was swiftly brought to the upper floor of ETK Laboratories so that the interview would be conducted away from prying eyes...
... And I was hired within minutes! Haha, those humans shall know no pain like that which is brought by the Hidden Paw, the fools! It was amazing to meet someone as intelligent as her, hyez, hyez! I spent, I believe, a total of three hours or so speaking with her and her esteemed Minion, Mister Cato Quan. Apparently I am to be taking orders directly from him... I should like that, he seems somewhat similar to me in that neither of us are from the West. From what I understand, he is from the Orient, whereas I am from Istanbul, you see. Oh, I do so look forward to working for them both, however he seems a bit more devoted, although as I said in the interview with the Doctor, I will never revolt against a fellow feline. Still, it is with good reason that he should be as devoted as he is. In any case, as I said several times throughout our little meeting, the age of humans shall soon draw to a close, ushered in by the Hidden Paw! Hahahahahahaaa! Perhaps to-morrow Mister Quan and myself can scheme up evil plots... I should very much like to show him the exoskeleton of my Robokinetic Aracknide. As much as I liked his suggestion for spikey war-stilts, I think perhaps they are best used as a, er... Secondary resort... Yes... Anyway, we shall see, won't we? Yes! Yes, we will!